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When should I change to materntiy bra?

Once you feel uncomfortable with your normal bras, a bit tight, that's a sign to tell you that your breasts are growing and will keep growing, The size and shape of your breasts will change during pregnancy,   selecting a well fitted bra will give you a better support and comfort throughout your pregnancy, you may grow up to 2 cup sizes and experience sensitivity as the milk ducts develop. Wearing a well fitted maternity bra is the best way to support your breasts and preserve your shape.


Do we need a sleeping bra?

Some expectant mothers find a sleeping bra useful, especially in the third trimester, giving them additional support to get a better sleep at night, seamless bra is the highly recommended, it feels more comfortable than reglar maternity bra.  Also, you will  leak while you are sleeping after yor baby is born, sleeping bra can let you insert nursing pads to absorb the dampness.


How to find out your bra size :

To find out what size do you need, You will need these two measurements, 

Be sure not to pull the tape too tight.


Get the measurement in cm by measure around the fullest part of your bust while wearing your unpadded bra


Get the measurement in cm by measure around your rib cage, directly under your bust.


Then substract these two number and find out your cup size by following table

        Difference = BM - UM



          Difference (cm)    7.5-10.0   10.0-12.5      12.5-15.0      15.0-17.5    17.5-20.0    20.0- 22.5


           Cup Size                    A               B                C                D                E                F



Your bra size is  : 

        Bra Size = UM  + Cup Size



Example : BM =90 cm,

                   UM = 76 cm, 

                   Difference = 90-76 = 14cm

                   Your Cup Size should be 75C



Still can't figure out the corrcct size or having any questions  ? We’re always ready to help!  Contact us by filling the message box below or leave us a message on facebook. 

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